Summer Communications

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Kingswood Blog

We blog three times each week while camp is in session, so you always have a picture of what’s going on at camp. On Mondays you’ll hear from Mitch, on Fridays you’ll hear from Jodi in our weekly Shabbat-O-Gram, and on Wednesdays you’ll hear from unit heads or a guest writer from our team! We’ll share what’s been going on, stories, and updates to give you ideas for your letters to your campers and to bring you into some of the beauty and fun of camp. Click here to visit the blog.

The Campanion App

New for 2022, the Campanion App is the app version of CampInTouch and is the easiest way for parents to stay connected to camp. Through Campanion you can send letters to your camper, see daily photos, access all your forms including adding to your camper’s Canteen Fund. This new app is the way to view and download photos (now free for parents!), write letters back and forth with your camper, and submit forms and documents.

To access Campanion, first open the App Store or Google Play store on your phone or tablet. Search for “Campanion” and download the app. When prompted, log in using the same Username and Password you use for CampInTouch.

When the app asks you to, follow the on-screen instructions to upload a photo of your camper’s face. During the summer we upload hundreds of photos every day. By uploading a photo, the app will use facial recognition software to pull all the pictures of your camper to show up at the top of your feed in Campanion every day. This service is only available via the Campanion app.

In addition to photos, the Campanion app is how you write letters to you camper, as well as fill out and submit camper forms before the summer starts. Download Campanion today!


If you only have access to a computer, you can access your Camp Kingswood account by visiting To see photos, log in to your CampInTouch account. There are a few features only accessible in CampInTouch, like Letter Stacks. Letter Stacks are pre-coded pages that can be printed in advance and brought to camp for campers to quickly send handwritten letters home as emails. Please note that certain features like the personalized photo stream, facial recognition software, free photo downloads, and mobile forms submission are only available on the Campanion app, not from CampInTouch.

Pre-Summer Camper Call

Before camp, every camper will receive a call from their Unit Head welcoming them to camp and providing a chance to ask any last-minute questions. From then on, the Unit Head will be someone you may hear from throughout the summer for basic day-to-day questions, such as if your camper breaks their glasses or if you call with a general, “how’s my camper doing?” question.

Letter from Your Child’s Counselor

At the end of the first week of camp, your child’s counselor will write you a postcard to introduce themselves and say hello.  

Photos Throughout the Summer

Our Media Team spends all day capturing snapshots of camp, and we upload hundreds of photos to Campanion/CampInTouch at the end of every day. We also post a daily “Top 20” on our Facebook and Instagram pages as a taste of what’s available to parents on the Campanion app.

Contact the Office

Call us! If you ever have a question, just call! We’re always happy to check in and call you back. While camp is in session, the camp office is open Monday through Friday from 9am- 5pm. During off-hours the messages are checked sporadically, so please call the emergency line to reach a director quickly if there’s an emergency.

Summer Office (207) 647-3969
Health Center (207) 647-9495
Emergency (Jodi’s Cell) (347) 931-7002
Emergency (Jodi’s WhatsApp) +972 54-5205030