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Staff Stories

By Jodi Sperling July 15, 2021

A huge neon ‘GREEN!’ covering the Kingswood sign up by the gate was the first sight that greeted me as I rolled back into camp from my day off last night. This display of Green Team spirit filled me with enthusiasm – I couldn’t wait to jump straight into Color War 2021!

My name is Rosa, I’m from Brookline, Massachusetts, and I’m the Chalutzim (10th and 11th grade) Unit Head this summer. This is my eighth summer at Camp Kingswood and my fifth Color War. Usually just a second session event, the last time we did a first session Color War was in 2011 – my first year as a camper and Mitch’s first year as director! Jumping in last night, it was clear that the campers were as excited for a first session Color War surprise as I was!

I remember being as nervous as I was excited for my first Color War. I was no good at sports or crafts, and there were so many cheers I had never heard before. But my bunkmates, veterans of Color Wars past, filled me in on the finer points of the Water Regatta and the Maccabi Relay. CITs taught me chants and dances in the dining hall. My counselors encouraged me when I struggled and showed me how to be proud of every contribution to my team.

The magic of Color War is that every camper gets a chance to be a hero. From Olim carrying huge buckets of water, Tsofim singing at the top of their lungs, Bogrim choreographing an original dance, Chalutzim crafting 3D plaques, and CITs building a fire, every single camper puts their stamina and creativity to the test in a display of commitment to their team.

Color War is exhausting, exhilarating, crushing, and thrilling all at once. It embodies so much of what I come back to Kingswood for every summer, because there is an opportunity for growth every day. Whether it’s facing stage fright during Creativity Night, losing your voice singing in the dining hall, or running on fumes at the end of a grueling basketball game, campers can always feel proud of themselves for handling the challenges that life throws at them with love and support from their community.