CIT Program

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Make the leap from camper to Kingswood staff!

Our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program offers unparalleled skill development that prepares incoming 12th graders for future work at camp, and makes them more marketable to future employers and college admissions officers. Teamwork, independence, leadership, group facilitation, and problem-solving are just some of the tangible skills our CIT program develops in our teens.

cit group on cabin steps
cit and camper singing

At Kingswood, we offer an intentional curriculum that blends learning, reflection, working, and fun! Our CITs serve as our legendary Color War captains, and work together all session long to host the end of summer Banquet, a tradition that goes back decades. In addition to these longer projects, each CIT has the opportunity to shadow and work with staff members all over camp, to practice and hone their skills working with younger campers and teaching activities. The Kingswood CIT program provides the perfect transition from being a camper to being on staff, and the balance of work and fun is the ideal ‘last summer’ before their final year of high school to practice and hone their skills working with younger campers and teaching activities.

CITs have the option of taking camp on the road for one session, extending their training experience to include three weeks in Israel! The Kingwood Israel Trip brings our Jewish mission to life in new and exciting ways, as campers can experience first-hand the places, people, and stories shared at camp by our Israeli staff and campers who join us in Maine each summer. This culminating camper experience provides CITS with adventure and fun, as they explore their personal connection to Israel and Jewish life, learn about new cultures and history, and elevate their skills as a leader and Jewish role model to bring back to camp the next summer as staff. Led by our partners at BBYO, families can learn more and register for the Kingwood Israel Trip here. The Kingswood CIT program provides the perfect transition…

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