Daily Schedule

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Every day is an adventure at Camp Kingswood!

Campers appreciate the consistency and structure of our daily schedule, which affords the ideal balance of choice, bunk time, structure, and down-time. We also love to “break the script,” and each week is peppered with theme days, unexpected twists, exciting programs, and trips! Check out our Special Events page to read more about what happens at camp beyond our daily schedule!

Daily Schedule (Sunday – Friday*)

*Friday has shortened periods and extended shower hour before we slow things down with our more relaxed Shabbat schedule!

Time Activity Description
7:30am Wake Up Every bunk wakes up in their own unique way. Some bunks might wake up to the Beatles, while others will blast dance music – it’s up to the bunk! Each week we have one late wake up in addition to our Saturday morning sleep-in.
8:00am Flag We gather as a whole camp to start the day. There we share important news and events, a weather and sports report, and we celebrate birthdays or other camper milestones!
8:10am Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we do it right! See Food & Nutrition to learn more about meals at Kingswood!
9:00am Cabin Clean Up Sharing a bunk means sharing responsibility, and jobs rotate every morning to keep the cabins clean. A session-long Cabin Clean-Up Contest keeps it fun, with a sweet bunk prize of a trip to town for ice cream!
9:30am First Period Activity periods could be either a pre-assigned activity with your bunk, or a choice activity you’ve selected to do for a week before choosing new electives. Every camper has both, providing a chance to try everything with your bunk, while specializing in a few activities you really love.
10:40am Second Period
11:50am Third Period
1:00pm Lunch! Lunch is a super fun meal, and on most days eating is followed by music, singing, cheering, and dancing! In addition to the main meal served family style, campers will always find alternate choices at the salad bar, including several proteins! Learn more about Food & Nutrition.
2:00pm Rest Hour Rest hour is a time for campers to hang out and rest in their bunks, play cards with their friends on their porch, or read in a hammock by their cabin. Twice a week campers are required to write letters home (we’ll check to make sure it’s a letter to their parent/guardian!), and they’re encouraged to write more frequently too!
3:00pm Fourth Period
3:50pm Snack
4:00pm Fifth Period This is also Olim instructional swim!
5:00pm Shower hour Time to shower and clean up after a full day!
6:00pm Flag Before dinner we gather as a whole camp again, sharing news from the day, celebrating campers’ achievements, and getting everyone excited for evening programs!
6:15pm Dinner Dinner’s a chance to reconnect with your bunk and catch up on your day.
7:00pm Chofesh Campers love chofesh (free time)! This magical hour while the sun is setting over the lake is the perfect time for some waterfront gaga or 9-square, or chilling with friends in hammocks by the docks.
7:45pm Evening Program Our staff bring all their creativity to our famous evening programs! Sometimes all-camp, mostly by unit, evening programs are a time to bond with friends and have a blast. Commando, Night at the Races, Bunk Feud, and Talent Show are just some of our favorites!
9:00pm Olim bedtime Counselors are trained to use bedtime as a time to transition from the fun craziness of the day to a more mellow mood to wind down. Sharing roses and thorns of the day, talking, reading stories, or playing guitar are just a few of the ways counselors make bedtime awesome, helping ease any bedtime jitters.
9:30pm Tsofim bedtime
10:00pm Bogrim bedtime
10:30pm Chalutzim bedtime

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