(Rising 6th-7th graders)

boy wakeboarding
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Tsofim (scouts) is our unit for 6th and 7th grade campers, known for their crazy camp spirit and fun!

The staff selected to work in Tsofim come with the patience, empathy, and encouragement needed to help ‘tsofs’ charter the rocky waters of being a tween, while providing the energy, creativity, and excitement to keep everything fun and exciting! The Tsofim program is designed to foster independence and strengthen the campers’ developing sense of self. Tsofim campers love feeling more independence than they did in Olim, and their schedule strikes the ideal balance of structure, choice, and supervised free time. Kingswood is the perfect place for tsofs to be immersed in a safe social setting of their peers where they can feel uninhibited to explore their own interests and passions, whether that’s on the sports field, on the stage, or on a trail.

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