Health and Wellness

All campers with prescription medications are required to use our medication packaging partner CampMeds.

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“Laughter is the best medicine…maybe that’s why I never get sick at camp!”

While most campers stay healthy throughout the summer, occasionally campers become ill or injured at camp. When that happens, they’re in great hands with our Health Center team! Our Health Center is staffed 24/7 by experienced nurses, and our team of camp doctors are available around-the-clock to consult and advise.

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The State of Maine has strict ordinances in place about what summer camp nurses can and cannot do in regards to children’s prescription medications. For this reason, we are required to partner with a pre-packaged medication service, even though we understand this adds an additional and annoying step for our families. Because this is required by law, we cannot ask our nurses to break the law by making an exception for your child. Using a service like CampMeds allows our nurses to dispense medications safely and quickly, minimizing the time campers need to wait in line, which allows them to return to their camp day faster.  

Medications are dispensed 4 times a day at camp. In the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening after dinner and at bedtime after the evening program. If your camper requires medications to be taken at different times, please reach out to us to let us know. 

No Drug-Free Vacations

Occasionally, parents choose to discontinue medications for their child while they’re at camp. The thinking is that if camp is a more relaxed environment than the structure of school, it’s a good time for a break. In our experience, the opposite is true. While many children with behavioral challenges or attention difficulties thrive at camp, campers need their skills such as impulse control and focus  just like at school, and not having the tools they rely on can put campers at a deficit, impacting their ability to make friends, follow directions, and participate successfully in communal cabin life. 

Consult your child’s physician prior to any medication changes for the summer. If there has been a change in medication within three months of attending camp, please make us aware of these changes so we can work collaboratively in support of your child’s successful camp experience.

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All prescription medications over the counter medications taken daily must come through CampMeds. The ONLY exceptions will be: epi-pens/Auvi-Q or other injectable medications, rescue inhalers, nasal inhalers (Flonase), birth control pills, Accutane, topical creams, eye drops, and any short-term antibiotic (started within the week prior to camp) which will be accepted on opening day. 

There is a one-time CampMeds registration fee of $65/75 depending on session length. Please see the CampMeds information in your account. All medications must be received by CampMeds 30 days in advance of your child’s first day of camp (May 23 for Session I and June 18 for Session II). Prescriptions received after that deadline will incur a penalty from CampMeds. No prescriptions will be accepted by CampMeds within fifteen days of the first day of your camp session. Please be sure to have your doctor sign off on all prescriptions and OTC medications, and let us know of any last-minute changes in writing.

Noncompliance with this policy will result in a $200/medication penalty and campers being unable to receive their meds in a timely fashion upon the start of camp. 

If you are encountering difficulties with CampMeds or have questions about using it, please contact immediately to discuss.    

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Eye Care

If your child wears glasses they are required to come to camp with a second pair. Glasses are sometimes broken or misplaced at camp, and even a day without glasses at camp can feel isolating and scary for a camper. If your child wears contact lenses, please send them with extra lenses and cleaning solution.


We are equipped at camp to handle minor repairs to braces. Should emergency attention be needed, we will bring your child to a local orthodontist unless we’re instructed otherwise on your child’s medical form.


Please check your child’s head for lice in the days leading up to camp and treat, to be sure your child is completely lice-free before camp. All campers and staff are checked for lice upon arrival. Any children found with lice will be treated by professionals, with the family billed for the cost of treatment.


Each child develops at their own pace, and for some campers, bedwetting can be a challenge, regardless of their age. We understand this can be a source of embarrassment for some campers, and we handle bedwetting sensitively and confidentially, with an individualized proactive plan that allows campers to feel empowered and comfortable while at camp. If you anticipate that your child will wet their bed while at camp, please be in touch so we can make a plan with you and your child.

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when you need just a little extra tlc

Mental, Emotional and Social Health

Camp Kingswood employs a team of mental health professionals who live at camp 24/7 and who are responsible for ensuring the mental, emotional and social health of our camp community. The camper care team works with our counselors and unit heads to support the emotional, psychological, and social needs of campers, helping them thrive while at camp. They work under the direct supervision of Owner/Director Jodi and Associate Director, Joelle who are both social workers themselves.

Some children may meet with a camper care specialist during their session if we think it could help them have a more successful camp experience, or if a camper makes the request. If your child sees a mental health professional at home, it’s helpful for us to know the reasons for treatment, medications used, and to have the name and phone number of the treating therapist. Since COVID, we have had a few requests from parents asking for their child to continue seeing a home therapist while at camp. If you have discussed this with your child’s therapist and think this could be in the best interest of your child, please reach out to discuss this with us. There is an opportunity to provide camp with these details when filling out the Family Questionnaire. Privacy will be strictly maintained by Camp Kingswood, and this information will only be shared with the appropriate staff to ensure your child’s safety and success at camp.

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