The Kingswood and Family Partnership

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“The kids may get to have all the fun at camp, but I love that as a Kingswood Parent, you still make us feel like an important part of the camp family.”

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back to the basics

Music, Books, and Cameras

Music is an important part of camp, and we appreciate the desire for campers to bring their own music to camp. If only cassettes were still a thing! 😉 To prevent the urge to play games or watch shows, we only allow campers to bring small mp3 players, iPods or personal radios without Wi-Fi, cellular, games, or watching capabilities. SanDisk makes high quality, inexpensive mp3 players that meet all our requirements for camp; or iPod shuffles and iPod nanos (without touchscreens) also meet our requirements.

Any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, such as iPod touches, later generation iPod nanos, smart watches, and any kind of smartphone, will be stored in a secure safe in the camp office until the camper’s departure from camp.

We strongly recommend sticking to regular old-school books, and we encourage campers to expand their bunk library by sharing! We do allow e-readers at Kingswood, but only without Wi-Fi access or games.

Campers may bring disposable cameras, Polaroids, and/or digital cameras without internet capabilities. Phone cameras are not permitted.

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honesty is the best policy

Full Disclosure

When completing your camper forms, please err on the side of oversharing. Sometimes parents hesitate to share information about their child’s behavior or past experiences, out of fear the information may be used to label their child. We understand parents want their child to have a fresh start at camp. Knowing about a learning difficulty, ADHD, social challenges, a death, or a family change makes a big difference in helping us to be sensitive to your child’s needs. Information is confidential, and our only goal is to better understand your child, and make the most of their Kingswood experience.

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appreciating the magic makers


Our staff work tirelessly to create the magic of camp, and we know they play a special role in the lives of our campers. We love that families want to show gratitude to our counselors for their hard work, and we invite you to make a donation in their honor to our Staff Enrichment Fund, which goes directly to fund staff programming, training, and special events. Kingswood staff are not permitted to accept gratuities, as this contradicts our values and sends the message to staff that campers from families without the means to tip deserve less attention and love. We want our staff to feel equally appreciated, and our campers to feel equally supported. When parents write notes of gratitude we share those letters with the entire staff, including shout-outs to individuals. This is a great way for staff to feel recognized and appreciated!

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