2024 Staff – May Newsletter

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Dear 2024 Staff,

We are in the home stretch, with just days until our first arrivals! We are busy putting the finishing touches on our training plans and putting in place the last pieces of the staffing puzzle. But it’s only once we’re together in just a few weeks, that our black and white plans begin to fill in with color. That’s why we say we live 10 for 2 (months of the year :)) and we are so excited to watch everything come to life!

If you are anything like us, as camp gets closer, you are experiencing a wide range of emotions; excitement, a little bit of nerves, and maybe a little confusion around the details you don’t yet know! In our last issue we covered travel and arrival and forms, you can find it again here. In this issue we will help fill in some blanks on what you need to know about getting paid, what to expect when you arrive, what you need to bring. Read everything carefully and we will help you get ready for an amazing summer!

As a reminder, if English isn’t your first language, we’ve sent this in a format that can be cut and paste in Google Translate so you won’t miss anything.

Please be in touch with any questions, anytime between now and the start of camp. We know there’s a lot to take in, and it can be confusing – we’re here to help! 🙂

On behalf of the entire Kingswood team, we cannot wait to see you all in person soon,


Packing 101

The weather in Maine is consistently inconsistent, while often very pleasant during the day, you will need an assortment of clothing to match temperature range. During the day, temperatures average 78°F/26°C but could go up to 90°F/32°C and in the evening the temperatures drop to about  66°F/18°C or lower. As much as it hurts to admit, it does rain at camp and you should be prepared for that too.

We send our laundry out once a week so you will need to make sure you have 10 days worth of clothing to get you through. If you’re an over-packer, like me, limit yourself to no more than 12 days of clothing.

To help you on your journey to camp, we have curated a packing list specifically for staff. You can check it out below or access it here.

Packing begins with your luggage. Remember that whatever you pack, you need to lug around the airport or in cities when you travel after camp. We recommend you pack in wheeled luggage or a backpack to make your life easier. We limit everyone to 2 bags, please do not exceed this limit.

Within your first few days at camp, we will take you to this glorious all purpose store called Walmart! There you will be able to purchase things you don’t want to travel with or don’t have at home, like normal-size toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray or things you’ve discovered that you need but didn’t bring, like a headlamp, a book to read, paper to write letters, or, a fleece jacket. Amazon also delivers to camp, so you can order anything you need to be delivered to our office.

Remember, don’t fill your bags to the brim, you will want space to buy things and take things home with you from your travels!

Returning staff Rachel, Netta, Tal and Rosa showing off some Shabbat outfits!

Getting Paid & Payroll Information

For many of you, working at camp is not only an amazing experience, an opportunity to build your resume, and, grow your skills working with children. It’s also a cool way to earn some money this summer.  We all know that we don’t come to camp for the money, but it’s important that you understand what you will need in order to get paid and how it works.

In your contract (which can be found in your CampInTouch Account) we explain how you will be paid but let’s break it down here.

  • Counselors, Specialists, Office Staff, Nurses, Camper Care and Supervisors: Pay dates are July 15 and August 11, or your last day of work.
  • Support Staff (Maintenance, Facilities, Kitchen):  Pay dates are: July 1, July 15, August 1, August 15 or your last day of work. You will get the paid in the cycle after you begin working.

You will be paid in American dollars (USD) and how you get your paycheck varies pending on where you’re from.

  • American Staff: Please ensure you know your account and routing number to receive direct deposit. This means that your paycheck get directly deposited into the bank account number you’ve specified.
  • International Staff: Please consult you local bank to see if you can receive USD in your bank account, without fees. If not, you can look at alternative online banks who allow functions in multiple currencies.
    • Tip for European and UK Staff: Revolut is a great account to open as it allows you to deposit USD into an account you can access.
    • Tip for Israeli Staff: The three big banks in Israel do have multiple currency accounts, please check in with them before arriving to ensure you are all set!
    • Tip for All-Staff: If you need any help or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
Returning Staff Tomer and Emilie want you to get paid!

Things you will need to know in order to get paid:

  • Set up your Gusto Account: You will receive an email the first week of June asking you to create a Gusto account. Gusto is our payroll processor and you cannot be paid without this step completed. When you get the email please make sure you follow the link and set up your account as directed.
  • Have your Social Security Number handy: If you are American or worked in the United States before, you already have a social security number. You will need that number on your forms to get paid.
    • If you don’t already have a social security number, don’t worry! We will take you for one during training. To get your social security number you will need your passport, a printed copy of your contract, and your DS2019. You MUST have those documents with you at camp. 
  • Payroll specific paperwork is needed: When you set your Gusto account it will ask you to fill out several forms to get paid. Do your best and ask for help! During training we will make sure to cover how to complete your paperwork but any head start is better than none 🙂

Setting Expectations

Now that you’re up to speed on the things that lead up to camp,  you’re probably wondering what happens when you get to camp…

Airport Pickup: 

  • In the days leading up to your travel, you will be on a group messages with those flying in at the same time as you and we will provide instructions on where to meet up to get the bus to camp.

Upon Arrival:

  • We greet you when you step off the bus, and show you where to go! You will go to the dining hall where we’ll have snacks, give you a chance to mingle, and time to check in with home before showing you to your bunks.
  • In the morning we’ll show you back to the dining hall so we can eat a hearty breakfast before beginning training.
Returning Staff Maria, Angel, Armando, Jofselyn, Ana, Marianna, and Felo can’t wait to be together again!

Training Fun!

Training is the time where we get you oriented to all things camp.  Every day consists of learning, practicing, processing, bonding, and of course fun and games!  The days are long and filled with content, but we make sure that you have breaks and down time!

Here are some helpful things to know about training in advance of camp:

  • You will be given everything you need to have a successful training week including, a pen, paper, staff handbook and the schedules. If there is something else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Each day we preview and review. This helps you remember what did and know where we are going!
  • The group games we play in training may feel uncomfortable to you and that’s okay. Remember, jumping in is the best way to make the most of out your summer! Let go of your inhibition and have fun! 
  • Please put your phones on silent and away during training times. You will be able to access them during down time.
  • We expect you to be present and focused during sessions. Come with an open mind and ready to take it all in!
  • Make sure to bring your notebook and pen to each session.
  • You are the professional and we trust you will act in the way that shows that. Wait until breaks in the day or between sessions to take care of any outside camp or personal matters.
  • We intentionally mix up seating during meal times, this is so we can all get to know each other, please do not circumvent this by only sitting with people you know!
  • We will seek your feedback throughout and at the end of training (and at other points through out the summer), please don’t hesitate to share how we can continue to improve!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Returning Staff Isabelle, Sammy and Maya love to let loose and have fun, follow their example!

Staff Referral Bonus Now at $300!

Our team is almost complete! But there are a few more positions we are still searching for. These positions now have a $300 referral bonus if you find us a great person!

We are currently looking to fill the following roles:

  • Session I Camper Care Specialist (a therapist or social worker)
  • Kayak Instructor
  • Female counselor with special needs experience
  • Arts and Crafts Specialist
  • Skateboarding Teacher
  • Baseball Coach

We know the best Kingswood Staff are the ones brought by their friends, so help us spread the word!

Don’t Forget

To stay connected with us and get all the latest updates:

If you haven’t already:

  • Finish your forms in your CampInTouch Account!
  • Fill out our “get to know you form”
  • Complete your background check questionnaire which you received by email. Check your spam if you didn’t get it.
    • You can use camp’s address as your US address if you are coming from a different country (104 Wildwood Rd., Bridgton, ME 04009). If you don’t have a social security number, please use 000-00-0000.
The ’23 Media Team, with returners Ally and Seth, are waiting for you with big smiles!

Before you get to camp…

Make sure spend quality time with your family and friends! Give them your address so they can write and send you mail.

Go play! Toss a frisbee, get on a swing, go down a slide, play tag! Remember what it’s like to be a kid and have fun! After all, you’re about to spend you summer with kids… Go relive some your best memories so you can pay it forward!

As always, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will see you all soon!